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2 years ago
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AkihikoxFeMC is my favorite pairing in all of the games.

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I’ve always thought that if Shinjiro and Hamuko got married, they would have a daughter who looks almost exactly like Hamuko.

I still think that this is the best headcannon I’ve ever had.

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i ship yosuke x chie. dunno why but they’re so cute when they fight each other

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I’m having gore dreams about being Adachi and killing Souji

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I hate when people insist Naoto is trans*. She acts and dresses the way she does in order to be taken more seriously in her line of work. There’s nothing emotional about it. Nothing deeper than doing what she can to get along in this world. I’m a trans*man myself, and honestly I feel like people try and make her trans* so they can have one more ~kawaii gay man~ to lust over. But maybe that’s just my thought.

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PERSONA CONFESSIONS: Coming back from an awkward, unexpected hiatus!

I got suuuuper busy and derped around a lot and now the mod here is back and up and running. Opening the ask box for new confessions and closing it in an hour, so please go ahead and submit new confessions!

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Confessions (and submissions) will be posted later today.

Sorry guys — got some stuff to do. :o

2 years ago

I’m not the only one who ship Junpei/Yukari…right?

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Tatsuya Suou is my waifu.

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